Yarra Valley

Our property, Lonsdale Park on the Yarra, was aptly named after the beautiful river that comes down from the Yarra Ranges Mountains and flows into the heart of the city.  We are lucky to have this 240km river flow alongside our property, which winds through the countryside supplying local farmers with water and providing a place for family and friends to swim, kayak and picnic.

Time to exhale

When visiting Lonsdale Park on the Yarra, you have the opportunity to wander down to the Yarra River itself and meander along the riverbank on our newly created river walk. You start the walk from the house and walk past the dam and down through the paddocks to the river. There you start to walk along the pathway that is surrounded on both sides by native plants. We have recently had community planting days to bring plants native to the area back to help revegetate the land and improve the river water quality. Along the walk you can peak through the trees and shrubs and obtain glimpses of the river shining in the dappled light and flowing fast and furious with the powerful currents. Every now and then you come across a larger opening and obtain a full river view, observing how the river winds around a bend and even forms islands.

Take a swim on a hot summer’s day

At the end of the walk you find our relaxing open bathing spot, which is surrounded by native shrubs and tall eucalypts. This is an ideal place to duck into the cold water and feel the current playfully pushing you down the river. This is the ideal reward after the walk down! It is also a perfect place for a lunchtime picnic. We hope you enjoy this charming beautiful place.